In Ferguson both Liberals and Conservatives Fail to “Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself”

Recently I read an article written by political columnist and commentator, Sally Kohn.  I can only surmise that Sally’s audience for her piece are white Americans – all white Americans, as she does a fair job, as a white woman, telling them 1) what Black Americans are protesting about, 2) explaining (for the umpteenth time) what ‘white privilege’ is, 3) revealing white’s ‘true’ feelings about blacks (with references to studies to back it up), and 4) proceeding to tell whites what they must do to resolve the inequality and injustices against Black Americans (sigh… we must ‘have the talk’).

To her credit, Kohn does make it a point to acknowledge that “It’s not wrong to be white” (how very ‘white’ of her)! She manages, by hit or miss, to get and keep my attention through the piece, but I liken the read to that of drinking a bland and tepid diet drink that left me with a bad after-taste. It wasn’t the ‘real’ thing.

The ‘real’ thing is that this ‘talk’ never occurs. Kohn ironically admits the same thing. Why is it that no real actions occur to change perceived inequality and injustice? I perceive the truth is given by God (here is where I believe most liberals and some conservatives will check-out), but I will proceed anyway.

Jesus left us with two commandments that embody all the commandments of God. The first command is to ‘love God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength’ (Matthew 22:37).

The second command is “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself” (‘Matthew 22:39).

It is only by the first commandment that we are enabled by God to do the second.

You see, for Kohn and other liberal die-hard Democrats, the actions of their own party at its 2012 national convention to remove God from its political platform and boldly boo God when there was a vote to put God back into the platform, occlude and block any actions to truthfully ‘love thy neighbor.

Removing God and His principles (the foundation from which this country was established) assures that the Democratic/liberal/progressive policies will do more to harm rather than help. Even the President’s attempt to use scripture to invoke God to provide help to the ‘stranger’ (illegal immigrants) too left an after taste that was both unpleasant and galling, because the love of God was sorely missing.

Those incapable (or unwilling) to do what they admonish others to do are called ‘hypocrites’.  The ‘talk’ about racial inequality and injustice may occur, but whatever actions become of it will fail if not rooted in the love of God.

Those who love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength will allow the seed to fall on good soil, grow, and produce good fruit which truly demonstrates love towards thy neighbor.

Even as I write about liberal hypocrisy, I have only had to listen to FOX news, read articles written by both black and white conservatives, and my twitter timeline (from my conservative followers) to see another brand of hypocrisy.

Many who claim, like me, to love God, family, and country have made comments that fail to demonstrate the love of God (who sent His Only Son) to die for the sins of the whole world, yes, even the looters, arsonists, and peaceful protesters.

Instead I read comments that don’t just condemn the crimes Michael Brown committed, but aim to condemn his family, and the protesters. I read comments from Christians that condemned Officer Darrin Wilson for what turns out to be no crime, but an act of self-defense to protect his own life. There is nothing good about sin, yet even Jesus (who was perfect) didn’t condemn. Where are the prayers, compassion, and Godly sorrow for the human suffering being witnessed in Ferguson, as well as the acknowledgement that we all fall short of God’s Glory and any ‘good’ in us comes from Him.

How can any Christian who loves family not have compassion for a mother (and father) who is grieving both for her son’s destroyed reputation (a reflection on her) and his violent death? Or an officer who had to take a young life in the line of duty and will forever lose his peace and position as a police officer?

How can any American who loves country not support the rights of others who have grievances against government to assemble and protest? No, this doesn’t mean we support rioters, looters; but in many instances peaceful protesters are mercilessly marginalized resulting in a dominating rage against all constitutionally protested protests?

Any Christian who says he loves God but hates his neighbor (even the wrong-doers) is a liar (1John 4:20) and as much a murderer as one who deliberately and without provocation takes a life (1 John 3:15). Those who judge harshly can expect the same judgment from Jesus Christ, The Holy Judge. We don’t make excuses for sin — the wages for it is death. But when compassion is missing, something in the heart is wrong.

For both liberals and conservatives, the only answer is God. Conservatives (many of whom are Christians) must repent of pride, self-adulation and unrighteous judgment; acknowledging that the only thing ‘good’ in them that separates them from the liberal heathen, is Jesus. Liberals must acknowledge His sovereignty and repent of their own admitted ‘godlessness’. It is God alone, in our hearts, who can bring truth and life to ‘loving thy neighbor as thyself’.

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