Congressional Black Caucus: Sabotaging Netanyahu’s Speech Lacks Integrity

Recently I wrote an article in which I berated the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) and Vice President Joe Biden for what I perceived to be their cowardice and less than statesmen-like behavior towards Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s scheduled speech to Congress on March 3. At the time, my angst was directed at their decisions to boycott the Israeli leader’s speech because he had failed to follow some protocol for permission from the president.

Never mind that it was the U.S. Speaker of the House of Representatives who made the invitation and bears most of the blame. Never mind that a foreign leader may not have had any knowledge that the invitation had not been given with the blessing of the president. And finally never mind that the president, his administration, and Democrats in Congress have escalated this speech almost to the point of it becoming an international incident!

If  hurt feelings, pissing parties, and refusals to ‘play’ are not enough…it get’s worse!

Today I read an article in The Gateway Pundit which alleges that the CBC is planning a walk-out during the Prime Minister’s speech!

Please, somebody tell me this isn’t true! Please tell me that our government leaders on the left are not acting like recalcitrant children on a playground, losing the game, taking away the ball, and stomping home because somebody didn’t play like he/she wanted!

Because that is what this looks like — children (on the left) having a big ole’ temper tantrum!fighting-kids

Well, temper tantrums don’t belong in America’s White House, Congress, or Caucuses!

We need government leaders who are able to meet adversity with strength, defeat with dignity, weakness with compassion, and in this instance, power with power.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is the leader of America’s strongest ally in the Middle East. He is the leader of a country that loves the United States and shares and embraces the same principles of democracy and liberty for its people. Israel is not without its own strengths. America may need her one day.

At a time when war and rumors of war abound in the Middle East, blood-thirsty murderers are on the loose, growing, and rising up, this is the time when unity is desperately needed — no, required.

Getting up and walking out during a strong U.S. allies’ speech may satisfy the urge to get even, but at what cost?

Susan Rice said yesterday that “we’ve been fortunate that politics have not been injected” into the relationship between the U.S. and Israel. But Boehner going around the White House and Netanyahu agreeing to speak, Rice said, is “destructive of the fabric of the relationship.”

This so-called ‘destruction’ Susan Rice speaks of will not be forthcoming from the American people. A recent Rasmussen poll finds considerable support for Netanyahu’s speech among Americans. “Likely voters support Netanyahu’s address to Congress over the objections of President Obama by a margin of 42 to 35%, with 23% undecided.  The poll also found 44% of voters worried that relations between the U.S. and Israel have deteriorated during Obama’s presidency, while only 9% think the relationship has grown stronger.

America’s long-standing relationships with allied foreign leaders like “Bibi” have seemed to deteriorate under President Obama (long before this speaking incident) while he is forging ahead into new alarming relationships with countries like Cuba, Turkey, and Iran.

If The GatewayPundit article is true, and walking out on this well-liked and respected ally is the plan, this Black American says the cost is not worth it. Getting even because of a perceived slight to the first Black president is stupid, childish, and polarizing. The action lacks integrity and serves no real purpose other than to soothe a pricked pride. Walking out will backfire on you (and the president) and backfire badly.

Pr 16:18 Pride [goeth] before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.