Who You Calling a Racist? Again

Last year I wrote a piece (same title as this one) on my blog about racism after both Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling made news for comments they made about Black people.

Let it be known that I believe strongly that prejudice is something we all hold, yes even racial prejudice. But that prejudice does no harm until it becomes a demonstration of power against a race or individual within that race.

“Racist” is a trigger word for most people, but it holds a particular punch when applied to white liberals. If you call a black liberal a racist, you will be laughed at. If you call a white liberal a racist, they will cry, and cry loudly!

Why the differences in reaction to the potent ‘racist’ word?

I believe white liberals react so strongly because they know they fit the basic premise behind the word — that ‘racism’ cannot be true without the addition of ‘power’. They know it is the power that harms, not the word.

“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” ~ Baron John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton
Whites have always understood how ‘power’ is the culprit behind racism.

One hundred years ago, they were conservative Democrats who enacted laws known as Black Codes and Jim Crow as their show of power over freed Black slaves.

Today, they are liberal Democrats who continue to demonstrate their power in a self-righteous false narrative that promotes income inequality, White privilege, and White supremacy as the cause of the plight of Black Americans.

So why is it that little has changed — that Black Americans are still the poorest, least educated, lowest in real property ownership, most jailed, and most unemployed within America?

In my mind, it is simple. Whites will do everything in their power to ‘help’ except give up their power.

How does one give up being middle class or wealthy? How does one give up ‘privilege’ and ‘supremacy’?

One can take all the money one has and give it to the poor, and there will still be poor. The others are so nebulous and indefinable, that in my mind, they are unworthy of the energy to discuss, much less seek to understand. While we are wasting dollars paying college professors and community organizers to teach the foolishness of ‘white privilege’, those are dollars that could go to a poor neighborhood and build a charter school.

Liberal Blacks understand the real deal, which is why they aren’t fighting for power, but are accepting of crumbs of power from the ‘masters table’. Liberal blacks are not taking what little power they have to become more powerful in their own housing complexes, schools, communities, and states — no they are begging for the powerful white man to do it for them. Expressly recognized is that when blacks like President Obama, the Congressional Black Caucus, the NAACP, and the National Action Network become individual one-percenters, they fail to reinforce and promote black power where it already resides.

And then there is the conservative side, who 100 years ago were the champions of freedom and civil rights. Yet today, these are they who are considered by the left to be the most racist, most oppressive, most uncompromising when it comes to helping the po’ Blacks (or helping the po’ period).

Yet, it is they (those racist conservatives) who continue to be the champions of the po’ Blacks, or the poor period, because it is they who believe that race is no deterrent to the man or woman who has a dream of succeeding and does those things which will get them there.

It is they who are willing to get out of the way of that man or woman, by eliminating bogus ‘helps’ from dogooders and the government that don’t change anything, but continue to preserve the ‘power’ that props up racism (and class-ism).

It is they who believe that where help is needed, it should be given, but a perpetual place of ‘help’ is not power.

As long as liberals continue to promote false narratives that do nothing to promote self-empowerment, they are, at the most, the racists, or at the least, the one’s who keep the racism narrative alive.

Blacks don’t need to keep hearing how Whites keep them powerless. Blacks in America are not powerless, until they start to believe it!

“Do-Gooders: How Liberals Hurt Those They Claim to Help (and the Rest of Us)”, by Mona Cheren


“Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed”, by Jason L. Riley