Introducing The Black Conservatives Fund #SayItLoud

Little right now gives me greater pleasure than to be able to promote and support this new PAC, going for ‘all or nothing’ to help Black conservative candidates win their races in government.

Blacks in America have long needed a voice desperately different and yes, even opposed, to the Democratic party which has kept them enslaved to policies and politics that have harmed and made it more difficult to achieve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness — both as individuals and collectively.

2016 is right around the corner when America will select a new president. It is my plan to do all I can to help in this effort — by prayer, by faith, by financial support, and by social promotion.

As an Independent voter, loyal to God, family, and country, will you join me in helping this PAC promote Black America?

Introducing The Black Conservatives Fund #SayItLoud.