Are the Obamas Headed to Asheville, NC After White House?

I’m sure the Asheville  Chamber of Commerce is thrilled about this event! A former president in Asheville will certainly put a ‘notch in the belt’ of our medium-sized mountain city.

I know quite a few people however (everyday people) who are not too thrilled about this. Will his living here bring forth better paying jobs? Currently all we have going for us is restaurant, hotel, and tourist jobs. Our largest employer is a hospital!

Will he like it that Black people are hardly seen in downtown Asheville. That although most of us are concentrated in the city, downtown Asheville offers nothing many of us can afford or have interest in. Or perhaps he will like it that the Civic Center offers concerts that rarely (if ever) bring minority entertainment.

It is a certainty that this first ‘black’ president hasn’t had to much to say to Black America, except to scold us and tell us to quit whining and pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. Maybe when he comes to Asheville, he will visit the ‘projects’ (where most of us reside) and give us the pep talk we sorely need. Who knows, he may be just what Asheville needs to change us from a city that all who live here know is racially segregated.

We do have good barbeque however and a large homosexual population. Perhaps those are the things he most loves about us!

Are the Obamas Headed to Asheville, NC After White House?.