Incompetence of a President… or Something?

Recently I read an article titled, Real Reason Jay Carney Quit, in which the author had listed all the Obama mistakes Jay Carney had to defend which may have contributed to his sudden resignation. Although I chuckled at the wit of author Kevin Jackson, I also started to wonder, could any one person [Obama] really be this incompetent?

Here is a shortened list of presidential ‘errors’ listed by Jackson that Carney had to defend.

  • Obama’s fake “Recovery”
  • Obama spends like a rich housewife of Atlanta
  • Obama’s budget is bigger than his ego
  • Obama’s Executive Orders
  • Obama’s appointments of the least qualified SCOTUS in history
  • Obama’s backpedaling on DOMA
  • Obama’s obsession with all things GAY
  • Obama’s blatant LIES about everything
  • Selling America on how 20 million poor Mexicans will HELP the economy
  • Selling America on the idea of how valid voter ID is racist
  • Selling America on how when 1 million people quit looking for job and 100K jobs       are “added” that’s a net win for jobs
  • Obama’s foreign policy “wins,” like Arab Spring, Syria, Iran, N. Korea, Russia?
  • Obama’s golfing
  • Obama’s Furious
  • IRS-gate
  • Benghazi
  • Obama’s stupid selfies: (1) Danish woman, (2) baseball player
  • VA scandal

In addition, as of this past weekend, we can add another Obama ‘biggie’ — the Bergdahl/Terrorist Commanders’ swap in which the president went around Congress (again) and made a swap of five notorious terrorist leaders from Gitmo back to the Taliban, in order to obtain the release of one soldier – who may be a deserter!

If Kevin Jackson’s list is accurate (and there is no reason to question that it is not), this president is either grossly incompetent, or he is surrounded by incompetence within his own Administration!

I mean, think about it! Ninety-nine percent of the time, Obama finds out about an incident on the news or he did not know. Is it possible that his Aides, Staffers, Directors, and Secretaries do not tell him bad news? Because, let’s face it, most of the news coming from this White House is bad news. If they do not tell him anything, is it because he has possibly told them not to come to him with problems, but with solutions? Perhaps the president pitches a huge tantrum at bad news and his Administration fails to tell him anything that will bring forth the President “Stompy-Foot” reaction (a name coined by Michelle Maulkin and her Twitchy team). Finally, do they not tell him anything because they know that this president lacks the ability, competence, or where-with-all to solve whatever the problem entails?

There are so many problems (dubbed scandals), that people in America are struggling to keep up. If this president is not incompetent, but is rather astute, sharp, and on top of things, is it possible that those around him are incompetent? If these incompetents are such, then why does this capable president not begin to fire them all?

President Obama has shown a reluctance to hold anyone accountable from his White House and his Administration. Though he recently accepted the resignations of his Secretaries of Health and Human Services and Veterans’ Affairs, he refused to terminate their services until the public outcry for their heads became too strong.

Outstanding leaders know that those around them must be their strongest links, for a weakness in their links will lead right back to the leader and ‘game over’. It is up to the leader to hold to the model of good performance and deliver the appropriate consequence, even termination.  Corrective action is unpopular and no good leader likes to take it, but success or failure depends on it.

There are some in our country who believe that President Obama is not only competent, but that he is a victim of deliberate sabotage. This sabotage allegedly comes from everyone around him, but primarily from Republicans in the House of Representatives. Racism is more often than not, claimed as the root of this sabotage by Obama supporters.

Is it possible that there are people in our government who are wittingly setting this president on a course to failure? Are those closest to him deliberately feeding him erroneous information or withholding valuable data — playing the role of Brutus to Caesar, effectively stabbing the president in the back? Are there members of Congress who have as their number one goal to obstruct this president on every action he takes?

At first sight, it does appear that congressional Republicans are taking the role of obstructionists very seriously when it comes to this president. However, is that a new deal just for this president or the way Washington always operates?

Every American president has faced obstruction, and should face obstruction if the actions of the president are perceived as opposing the will of the American people. The United States has an established Republic – established “by the people and for the people”. State elected Representatives and Senators; if they are doing their jobs and representing the people, should obstruct when necessary and is required when the will of the people is in question. Incompetence, if present, requires correction – at all times. Sometimes that correction requires the involvement of others and good negotiation and influencing skills.

Is our president incompetent or is it something else?